As I while away the time waiting for Peter & Toni to finish their Amdavad Sunset Tuk-tuk Tour, sitting in my room swilling Masala Chai and listening to an old Weller album; here’s some reflections from today in Motera. In no particular order….

Chocobars, while not the most nutritious or filling, are probably the most value for money lunches in the world cricket. Two for thirty rupees, anyone?

Met the ghostwriter for Ian Bell’s newspaper column earlier. A nice chap with a great line in fedoras. He’s going to earn his money tonight….

The Sports Personality of the Year list should be re-jiggled to include the England skipper. As if today’s Herculean knock isn’t enough to justify his inclusion on the list, I bet Andy Murray doesn’t have to put up with “strong personalities in the dressing room” in his conquest to be the world’s best.

For the uninitiated, Ahmedabad is called the ‘Manchester of India’. In a surreal twist, I sat next to a bloke who sounds like he’s spent all his years living in Eccles. He hasn’t. He just loves The Beatles and Oasis and his mum’s from London originally. Mad fer it!

I haven’t given Matt Prior any credit yet. His innings was also superb. Keep going stout yeoman.

My cricket club, the mighty Elstow C.C., would absolutely destroy the Indian national team in a fielding competition. And that’s just our Under 14s.

Indian fans, for all their enthusiasm, can surely come up with some songs for their team or players rather than just shouting Sachin, Sachin, Yuvi, Yuvi, Zaheer, Zaheer etc etc. They’re almost as uninventive as The Fanatics.

Aleem Dar got another decision wrong today. Sadly. Despite this, he still has the best hair in world cricket.

Test Cricket is a funny ol’ game. I came away from the ground today almost skipping. Tomorrow I may traipse out forlornly like I did after Day Two. It is the hope that kills you, damn that hope. Still, at least……

I absolutely do not have to go on the Amdavad City Sights tour now!