Good Lord. What a win, what a performance.

While England produced a sensational comeback from their nightmare in Ahmedabad, India put the “wank” into Wankhede.
It’s moments like these that I really can’t understand fans of multi-garlanded football teams who expect success on a plate.

Travel to the far ends of the earth. Experience matches that are called off and impromptu tours of Betty’s Hope scheduled in their place. Experience chemical toilets that if existed in the UK you’d get years of therapy from having visited. Experience Lion Strong, warm. Experience defeats snatched from the jaws of victory or safety. Have the hope that kills you, kill you.

Take all this like a man. Compartmentalise. Then savour such a victory when it’s delivered with such gusto.

Thank you Cooky, KP, Monty, Swanny. Thank you Clarky, Gareth, One Golden Eagle, Chairman Mao, German Postman, Frank & Bruna, Andy & Jo. Thank you Lucky Paul and your daily pre-match Lucky Handshake.

Finally, an England win away. Huzzah!!!!!!

Onwards to Kolkata.