Rubbish day, rubbish. All part of the grand scheme of things in travelling I suppose. A long ol’ journey from Kolkata to Nagpur that was hours later getting in than it should have. Then the obligatory heated exchange of views with Nagpur’s taxi and tuk-tuk drivers over their horrendous fares before a Basil Fawlty-esque stomp off to my hotel. Which was miles away.
Other stuff too, it’s not important.

Anyway, I intended to get a picture last night of some residents of Kolkata boarding a train under the caption, Bengalis On Platforms, a bit of a Morrissey tribute via the medium of photo. This hasn’t come out well. Sorry about that.


In the mean time, please see below a photo of my time in Mumbai. I’m afraid to report I don’t know who won.
Photo credits, Vicky & James, proper photographers.
(Hello chaps, hope all’s well? See you for a few beers in Paggers on your return home.)