Eagle-eyed readers among you will note a recent post where I proclaimed to be giving up drink in January. Thanks to Dimush Karunaratne this all went horribly wrong.
Shame on me for blaming him, people who know me best will know there was absolutely no chance of me going through with that folly. I did actually do drink-free January once. I’m still apologising for it now. The boy Karunarane’s demise called time early on this year’s efforts. My 56 hour prohibition ended via mine and China’s resolution to have a drink, despite all our previous best intentions, at the fall of every wicket.

As it turned out, the first day of the Sydney Test Match was eventful. Not as much as the Melbourne one though. Aussie captain Michael Clarke’s strange decision to put the opposition in backfired as Sri Lanka lasted the whole day and were better value than the previous match ending on 294 all out. Australia look as though they are still unsure of their best pace attack with the Ashes just six months away and their plan to roll the opposition over went badly awry as Sri Lanka got stuck in.

Back to the Devil’s Brew though. Thankfully, there are better people than me on God’s earth, people with more resolve, heart, people that back their conviction and stick with it. Readers, we should celebrate these people and the good that they do. Step forward a pal of mine, Gareth. He is going the whole of January without a drink. He is going to make a difference. He is going to raise money for Cancer Research for going beer-less in January. I encourage you to donate the price of a pint to Gareth to help him in his quest. Please see the link below and get giving for this great cause.


Meanwhile, here’s a picture of me with one of of my heros.