The Doctor is there to welcome us. The resuscitating sea breeze from the Indian Ocean that breathes life back into the sun battered residents of Greater Perth. ‘When in Rome’ is the theme behind our excursion to The Little Creatures Brewery, home to Western Australia’s, nay, all of Australia’s greatest beer.
I hadn’t expected to be so easily smitten. In playing the part of an unofficial ambassador for the great English pint and copping all the obligatory abuse from Caaaaald One swigging non-believers that, in these parts rightly goes with the territory, I expected to beat them.

Not join them.

But in Little Creatures Pale Ale, Australia has a genuinely good beer. A beer I’d be happy to go home and admit defeat over.

Our trip to Freo, home of the aforementioned Fremantle Doctor, meant a look in at the brewery. Not the tour, couldn’t possibly afford that in saving for the forthcoming weekend spectacular, but a quick lunch time sup overlooking the harbour.

It’s a fair bet there aren’t many more pleasant settings in which to enjoy a freshly brewed beer than in the backyard of the Fremantle brewery. Brand spanking new yachts and speed boats bump up and down on the waves like would-be glamour models straining brazenly for attention while an ancient vessel, an old Dutch girl of four hundred odd years old, blocks the views of the more functional harbour industries. Waiting staff flit in and out of the packed al fresco dining area while, against the fierce midday sun,The Doctor continues doing the rounds. The signature Little Creatures cherubs adorn wall space and half barrels featuring their image hang in the air like Mick Harford.

Borrowing from the US rather than the UK take on a pale ale style, the citrus flavours shoot up through the taste buds before being placated by the malty after taste that lingers as long as the Fred Wesley trumpet solo in the background. The chilled temperature helps rather than hinders the flavour.

It could be that it’s been that long since I’ve had a really good pint, or as I suspect, Little Creatures Pale Ale deserves to be in that category.

Now then. Anyone know if Cranfield Budgens stocks it?