If you’re clicking into see various shots of the Great Wall or a dramatic Shanghai cityscape night scene, I’m afraid you’re badly out of luck. Instead, there’s a few photos of me auditioning for a place in Great Britain’s Olympic Gurning Team. Plus some nice beaches and other stuff.

One for Grandma really (Hello Grandma!), just so she knows I’m still about. Anyway, thank you to China, the man not the country, for sending me the pictures. The least I could do is let the good readers of DWC have a look at your good work.
Thank you fella, I’ll get you a Caaaaaalllldd One when you’re in Bedfordshire next.

Beach scene between Coogee and Bondi, Sydney.

Outstanding shot of China’s left hand ruined by some beach or other in the background.

Fifty shades of blue? Well, about two really….

The Melbourne Walking Tour, a real low point of the last six weeks. A ‘highlight’ from the tour; more chuffing vandalism. I mean ‘street art’, sorry.

Proper graffiti this. No irksome left wing rubbish connotations, just a nice picture.

Manly Beach, looking as manly as I can. Don’t all rush ladies.
Oh you’re not. Right.

Paroxysms of ironic delight after realising yet again we’ve been ripped off for a walking tour. The Blue Mountains is the soothing backdrop.

One of the world’s most iconic buildings ruined by some dreadful posing. Sorry.

Yeah, you get the idea with this one….