I have not got the hang of this. I set off to yesterday’s hastily rearranged match in Fun-Gary (Hello Mr Flower, well done on your new Elstow CC role.) determined not to be caught out by the weather.

A fresh wind had blown away the stickiness of the last few days, one or two drops of rain hung around like Jason Gallian, the skies looked like some kind of grey ripple ice cream. Contemplating another afternoon on the knoll, I packed my bag with two waterproofs and a book for the inevitable delays while I put in my walking shoes and fleece. I was prepared. Then this happened.


Bother! Sun cream, how on earth did I forget that?

England won by 46 runs and I witnessed something I hope I see a lot more of in the coming months. A hatrick wicket maiden over by an Englishman. Congratulations Stuart Broad.

Venturing down to the ground today along with some inquisitive Swedes, Swiss and Somersetians (along with ECC’s new recruit- though he doesn’t know it yet- Chelmsford Charlie) and a French girl from the hostel, that particular feat will take some explaining. Anyone got one of those tea towels handy?
As well as some sun cream…..


Appendix 1: It has happened before. Again, when setting off for cricket it was overcast with a chill breeze. Several hours later this happened.


Seriously. Slip, slop, slap.

(By the way, hello to The Goosh-Big Red- and Phil, thanks for the photo. Great days.)