The title is a complete misnomer. There’s no magic or romance about Millwall. Realism? Definitely, their party-pooping professionalism shone through earlier. Ruination? Ah, yes, sadly, inevitably. Romance? Never.
So it was when I saw the draw I thought the worse. There’s just absolutely nothing fairytale or fluffy bunny about a team from The Docks deep within the East End of London. They’re called The Lions for heavens’ sake. For all our clutching at straws and brave talk, it was never going to be enough. I’d have preferred Arsenal (So too, would our late, great chairman Eric Morecambe I think…).

Job done and credit to Millwall for their win. The end of dreaming for Luton. Now, the nightmare of qualification back to the football league re-awaits. I’ll be honest, there’s absolutely no chance of us going up this year. Our FA Cup adventure has been just that and fun while it lasted while the revenue it has brought in will be most welcome. However, the cup run has been too much of a distraction I don’t see us coming back from.

Macclesfield away on Tuesday night. The first of eighteen ‘cup finals’ between us rightfully regaining our league status. We need to dig deep. It’s still in our hands but I fear the worst.

No Que-sera, sera, as the song goes, for us again this year. Not in the Cup anyway. Wembley for the playoffs? Possibly. Will it end in tears?
Almost definitely.