A chance encounter with professional Yorkshireman and all round good egg Gareth and his mate Barney in the town centre ended up with me cadging a lift to Maraetotara Falls, a beautiful spot between Hastings and Napier.

On the way there we went through Clive. Gareth couldn’t stop giggling.

Then a pleasant half an hour’s drive through winding, Provencal like countryside to get to our destination, hidden away among the vast, sun burnt hill ranges.

I’ll let the photos do the rest.




And yes, the water was a bit King Billy*. Though not as cold as Bridlington in high season, apparently.

I’m much obliged to Gareth and Barney for the lift and a great use of a Tuesday afternoon. Bussing it round New Zealand has been more cost effective than driving, at the expense, however, of losing myself unexpectedly in places like these.

And seeing great trees like these**.


*Hello Chesh!
**Hello China!