So I’m out all day today helping my brother and I’ve got an early start. Which means, people of Great Britain, I will be there at the collective breakfast table for Weetabix and hot milk before scraping the collective windscreen and heading off into the bastard freezing early morning. In short, like Captain Kevin Darling in the trenches and better late than never, I am joining you shoulder to shoulder in this, the Great Freeze of 2013.

Which means I haven’t got time to write anything of note again today. Instead, for your perusal, there is an article by one of my favourite writers on a recent topic that will run and run. Not for the first time I feel myself nodding firmly in agreement with the author’s well argued viewpoint while enjoying his jaunty, bitingly humorous style.

Something to ponder as you each for the de-icer. Or snooze button. Any sign of that Spring yet?