My nephew’s teething. Tooth number two is on its way through. Bless him. More sleepless nights for my brother and sister-in-law and a wee bit of discomfort for the wee lad himself. All part of life’s rich tapestry etc etc.

But imagine a world where no one had teeth. Where life really did suck. Literally.

Well, someone has, thankfully, and via a link courtesy of my mate James, you can have an insight into an extraordinary pearly-white free parallel universe.

Enlightening. To all parents of teething babies; bear with your grizzly bairns. Or future generations will all look like Shane McGowan. Even the girls.

And that is a scary thought.

N.B. I contemplated doing a post on Mrs Thatcher’s legacy and what her death reveals about us but then I thought,you know what, you’ve have probably had enough of that already.

DWC is a drafty wooden shed atop the blowy cliff face of life. You don’t come here to set up permanent refuge from the world around you but instead for brief shelter from the storm (as Bob Dylan may have put it).

As the dust settles on yesterday’s events, I may yet commit my Thatcher thoughts to post. In the mean time though, here’s some pictures of some cats in bread.

(Again, thank you to James for the link.)