A few weeks back, prompted by the re-launch of New Zealand’s version of Marmite, I took it upon myself to try some of the local stuff. The review wasn’t favourable. A day or two later, in the interests of fairness, I had another go at the Aussie option, Vegemite. The review wasn’t that favourable either.

One of the delights of returning home, along with, amongst other things, good, strong tea being the rule rather than the exception, is the re-acquaintance with the original Marmite.*


Southern Hemisphere. You may mock us for our inferior rugby (both codes), our rubbish weather (the sun is shining as I type) and our warm beer (we’ll always agree to disagree on this one) but while the good people of Burton-on-Trent continue to churn out the brown gold, we’ll always boast the best yeast extract-based foodstuff in the whole world.

*Note limited edition Diamond Jubilee jar: Ma’amite. Marvellous.
Thanks Lupt.