Following on from last week’s riotously successful Monday’s Big Question, where I asked you to name your favourite plait/platt (before seamlessly and in the same breath answering it for you); a precedence has been set. We move on to this week’s head-scratchingly searching examination.

Who is your favourite associate nations cricketer?

I know, I know. It’s something you’ve given a lot of thought to down the years. That question again: Who is your favourite associate nations cricketer?

Still stuck. Here’s some leading contenders.

Andre Leslie of Germany. A likeable German leader.

Hamid Hossan of Afghanistan. The Nangarhari Jack Brooks.

Dwayne Leverock of Bermuda. In Bumble’s immortal words, “Goooo on the big lad!”

Alan Lewis of Ireland. Used to play cricket for Ireland, now just annoys everyone as an international rugby referee.

Dotun Olatunji of Nigeria (No picture available, sadly.). The Lagos Lara.

Then there’s this man:


Ryan Ten Doeschate.

Currently plying his trade in the IPL for Kolkata Knight Riders, the Port Elizabeth-born Dutchman is a sensational cricketer. Pyrotechnically wonderful, his big hitting and quick bowling has endeared Tendo to fans all over the world. As if this wasn’t enough, Ten Doeschate has just started a sideline as a literary critic. Yes, really.

Have a peek at the great man’s work. It makes for fascinating reading. Indeed, as with DWC, it’s WordPress, so you can follow his blog by clicking the bottom right corner of the screen when given the option to (Do the same with DWC if you haven’t already. Thanks!).

What a player. What a critic. What a guy. And right there, surely, is the answer to this edition of Monday’s Big Question. Have a splendid week.