Summer is here people! Or late spring anyway. Cracking day yesterday. I even applied sun cream at some point. At The Warren, the wispy white blossom of the cherry trees and the Dulux paint catalogue’s worth of lush greens served notice of summer’s intent. Yes, the Bunyan Breeze continued to bite like midges in a cold quarter, but the sun shone magnificently throughout. As we lurch from the long winter into a longer summer (trust me on this one), Matt ventured a drought had been forecast.

So we are set fair, at last.

Except for one day. Sunday 19th May. You can count on it.


My annual visit to Lord’s with The Cheshires. It’s always a truly wonderful day out at The Home of Cricket.

The trouble is, every time we go, it rains.

Still, rejoice, the first Test Match of summer is a mere fortnight away. And that, along with this gorgeous May morning, is another reason to smile.