Apparently some old Scottish bloke who retired this week said that once after something or other happened late one night in Spain a dozen or so years ago. He may well have had a premonition about what unfolded in deepest, darkest Hertfordshire this afternoon.

Minutes left of the biggest match of their season and Watford have a penalty awarded against them. If Leicester score, they cement their place in the Play Off Final and with it the chance to get back into The Premier League. For Watford, having been dealt a harsh blow in their last league fixture with a home defeat to Leeds and after a harsh season scrapping at the top the game looks up. Run the VT.

No, I don’t care a jot that the ‘atters longstanding rivals, the ‘orns emerge victorious. Good on ’em I say. Good luck to the Golden Boys at Wembley.

Football is the real winner here. I defy you to watch this and not feel your spirit soar.

Similarly, I defy you to watch this and not laugh uproariously.

Unbelievable indeed, Jeff.