Watson’s Bay is a pleasant coastal location a brisk and breezy ferry ride away from the heaving CBD. As well as being home to the famous Doyle’s Seafood Restaurants and picturesque coastline it is also renowned for being Sydney’s premier suicide spot. Which, owing to the cricket’s early finish, seems an appropriate destination for what should have been Day 4 of the Test Match.

A hill climb away from the bay’s main drag, the cliff tops are lined by a busy Orwellian network of security cameras, steel wire fencing and the obligatory Aussie government severe signage that helpfully warn of the dangers below as orange placards of placation do their best to deter any would-be jumpers. For all this place’s sad associations, while the cooling sea breeze vies for control of my senses with the Sydney sun and as I stare across the serene ocean scene, it strikes me as being one of the most life affirming places I’ve been to in Australia.





It’s an absolute delight. And a blessed relief from the cricket, to be honest. The cliff top walking builds up a near unquenchable thirst and so we repair to one of the seafront bars for a sundowner or two.


Several hours in the company of some fantastic people brings home to me, finally, that there are more things to life than cricket. For once I regret the swift passing of my time in Australia.