One for the plumbers, especially Cousin Tommy and his mate John, both avid subscribers to Dances With Chazzwazzers.

I know what you’re thinking. The designer’s taken his inspiration from Noel’s House Party there. I knew that programme had to be good for something, but I didn’t expect to find its legacy right here in India’s fourth biggest city.

Also, as you can see, for the busy Mumbaikar, the feature that lets you combine the act of two of the ‘The Three S’s’ simultaneously. Time for one extra methi paratha in the morning, maybe?

I’ll have a word and see if they can put a shaving mirror in somewhere to enable the user to do all three.

Meanwhile, the cistern of choice is an “Egret Commander Watertech”, offering residents of this great city, “The Seal of Trust since 1961.” Apparently.

Give me a Dudley Duoflo any day, eh fellas?

*…..of one, probably.