1st Photo: Praying for an England win or that my guts don’t explode after all those raw chillies.
Toni is the lady with me and Peter took the photo. This was at Vishalla, after our epic tour of the National Utensil Museum of India
What a lovely couple, they were great company.

2nd Photo: Taken some day during the first day’s play. Or was it the second day? Or third?
Not the fourth, we did ok that day.
Maybe it’s the fifth?

3rd Photo: Dispensing some lessons in the art of conjuring to a gentleman just before the grand final of Gujurat’s Tribute to Tommy Cooper.
Here I am offering tips on the “spoon-jar-jar-spoon” part of his act. A staple of any Tommy Cooper show, the judges will have been looking for top marks there and I’m doing my best to ensure our boy nails it.