When we talk about staying power, what usually comes to mind?

The dying embers of Tony Blair’s premiership? The last Grand National winner (Neptune Collonges, wasn’t it Paul?)? Kyle Minogue or Madonna (God forbid, even Cher?) Anyone who’s ever attended a Ken Dodd show? Rommel in the desert? The Mouse Trap? Nicholas Parsons on Just A Minute? Bryan Adams in the summer of ’91?

Now consider this. During the course of today’s play, and it needs saying, what a day’s play, I got chatting to a bloke who shared a sauna with Aleem Dar last night.

Immovable. Despite the ravages of steam, sweat and pulverising heat, Umpire Dar’s hair refused to move. My chum couldn’t believe his eyes. Not just the outstanding physical specimen sat alongside him but the hair, that hair. Completely and utterly immovable.

Do they give awards for this sort of thing? If not they jolly well should. Immovable. Outstanding.