Who is this chap Coff that they named this part of Australia after? He must have been one heck of a boy. The Shane Warne of his day, perhaps. Either way, he must have been a super, splendid chap as this is one heck of a place.

Understatedly wonderful, it is without doubt one of my favourite spots in this country. Which, even as a card-carrying, fully paid up member of the Whinging Poms Brigade, I don’t mind admitting getting I’m rather fond of.
One or two carping European voices from the hostel decried the place as boring. There is, clearly, no pleasing some folks.
Great swathes of idyllic beaches awash with playful surf from the warm azure sea that go on longer and more rewardingly than a Seventies Prog Rock instrumental solo, nature walks, either coastal or further inland among the Creeks that bring you face to face with the absorbing flora and fauna that dominate the area. All this is overlooked serenely by the mountains of the Great Dividing Range that, whether mysteriously shrouded by mist or resplendent in the sunshine dominate this special scene.


Boring? Clearly, I’ve lost something in translation.

N.B. as I’m sure you all knew; Coff’s Harbour, as well as being the banana growing capital of the country, originally was Korff. As in John Korff, who, rather egotistically, named the region after himself having been shipwrecked here on arrival in the antipodes back in the mid-nineteenth century.
As I said, the Shane Warne of his day….