Not another gratuitous photo of me nursing a beer beside a fire, surely?


Well yes, but it was a cold day yesterday. The first of my farewell pints and thanks to Lucky Paul’s knowledge of the area’s proper pubs they were all good ones. Sharky, Woofy, Jay, Paul and Mike from the Beige Brigade, Guy, Keith and Paul were all good company.
The pub is Little Beer Quarter and the ale is from the Liberty brewery. It was hand-pulled, room temperature and full of character.

Very much like this great city and its great people I leave today. Wellington, thank you.
So, ok, you’ve wiped me out financially and emotionally (sport-wise anyway) but, as one of my musical heroes has been known on occasion to say;

The pleasure, the privilege, was mine.

Auckland and the final leg of my world trip beckons. Can we get five days of cricket in please?