In Sunday’s drunken post-Six Nations sulk I wrote even more crassly and ill-advisedly than usual. Something about sport or reality hurting or something.

Put next to the correspondence I received via Twitter from a chum of mine back home (Hello Roachy!) it reads embarrassingly flippant. I’d like to draw your attention to a friend of Roachy’s Steve John. Steve’s son Sam is in need of our help.

Sam’s story is tragic. Aged nine he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Now, aged sixteen, the tumour has grown even more dangerous.
Sam is very ill.The specialised surgery Sam needs is mostly unavailable in the UK and as a result it appears increasingly likely Sam’s family will have to raise money to pay for this life saving surgery.
The proton beam therapy is likely to cost between £100,000 and £200,000.
Steve has set up a website and is in the process of organising, with his wife Julie, a series of fundraising events in order to pay for this important operation.

Listed below are the links to the Facebook and Twitter pages plus a series of articles with more information on Sam’s battle.

Please support Sam and his family. Most of us remember fondly our teenage years. Lets get behind Sam and his family and give Sam back his.