I, along with several million other subscribers, pay over fifty quid a month to Sky. I do this because I love my sport and because Sky holds the viewing rights to the sports I love. The coverage, for the most part, is excellent. Today was even better.


The County Championship. Somerset vs Warwickshire. Live on telly. Magnificent.

Why don’t they show more of this?

It’s ideal for the old ‘uns, the unemployed, the revising students, the people between shifts at work, travelling Antipodeans, youngsters home early from school, even skiving office wallahs throwing sickies. There’s a huge audience out there.
Why is not enough live county cricket shown on television?
How many times on days off, with an hour or two to spare have I been greeted with repeats of inconsequential football matches, random and incredibly tedious ‘adventure sports’ shows or, God forbid, speedway.

If the person in charge of scheduling on Sky Sports is reading this; please can we have more County Championship on your channels? You’d make a lot of people very happy. And wrench some afternoon viewers away from the ‘other cricket’ on ITV4 too.